About Us

At OneDayBuys.com, we scour the internet to bring you the latest one day deals from a variety of online and brick and mortor retailers.  Our goal is to provide you with a single list of the top one day deals from all the various one day deal sites across the internet–sites like Woot, Yugster, Tanga, and more.  We also include one day deal offerings from traditional online stores like Amazon, as well as brick and mortor stores like Sears and Overstock.

How Does It Work?

We start by analyzing all of the one day deals at a wide list of merchants.  We organize this data into a manageable list, which gets presented to our visitors every day.

From there, you can view the list of one day deals we’ve collected for the day, and visit each merchant to read more about the product or make a purchase.

Please note that we do not carry any product inventory.  Therefore, your purchase is through the merchant, not us.  Our role in the process is simply to provide information–that is, to provide you with the list of one day deals from all the various merchants.

Other Ways to View Our Daily Deals

Besides our website, we also have an RSS feed, as well as a newsletter.  On top of that, we provide alerts for hot deals through our Twitter and Facebook pages.  In short, there are a variety of ways to stay on top of the various one day deal listings on the internet.