Back to School Shopping 2012

back to school dealsIt’s the beginning of August and that means moms and dads are scrambling to get the best deals on back to school goodies for the kiddos. We know it can be tough to price compare, but ultimately that’s the best way to get a stellar deal for the back to school season. These days it isn’t a new pair of jeans that most kids are after (since most public and private schools now wear uniforms) – it’s a new laptop, tablet or sneakers, which are all sizeable purchases depending on your budget. Keep in mind that many states holding tax free weekends before the school year starts are extending the promotion to electronics fit for school work or the classroom, such as tablets, PCs, laptops and tech accessories. Check your state’s guidelines to see what qualifies.
Back to school essentials to consider

  • Tablet. A tablet is ideal for kids who aren’t quite ready for a computer or a kid who has access to the family computer for assignments and needs a tablet for recreation, education apps and education tutorials on websites and YouTube. Tablets are easy to use and for families with multiple young kids, they can be a wise investment that are cheaper and more accessible than a laptop or desktop. If you buy the kids a tablet, be sure to invest in a case to protect it since accidents can happen with kids or adults. A tablet cover will protect the purchase and allow kids to take it in the car or to grandma’s house without worrying about damage. Find Back-to-School tablets here.

  • Backpacks. If your kid hasn’t had a new backpack in a few years or he or she has seen a growth spurt in the past few months, a new backpack is in order. There are great, affordable options on the market today with cool features like padded straps and plenty of compartments for supplies and tech gear when they aren’t at school. Backpacks can get pricey, so be sure to shop around and look for coupons for retailers that can be utilized during the tax free weekend, if your state is participating for the back to school season. In nearly all states hosting a tax free weekend for back to school, backpacks qualify as tax free. Find Back-to-School backpacks here.

  • Netbook. If your kid is a tween or teen and wants a more traditional computer for conducting school work, a netbook can work, depending on the assignments. Not all netbooks are equipped to handle things like book reports and papers, so ask your teen their needs for the netbook. Netbooks will be more for research and general work or activities done on the Internet. They have minimal space for things like images and documents, but things can be stored on a memory stick. Most netbooks support MS Word, but not all have the storage capacity to keep documents on the netbook itself. Your child will need a memory stick to back up their work and may also need to print from another computer, depending on the netbook’s specs. Find Back-to-School netbooks here.

And for the rest of the year you can always find great deals online here!

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