Save $50 a Month By Skipping Bottled Water

Buying bottled water adds up quickly. While the price of bottled water has come down substantially, it still adds up if you have a mid-sized family who goes through it like it’s, well, water. Skipping bottled water can save you up to $50 a month and there’s a good chance after implementing our tips you’ll find you won’t miss those plastic bottles for a second.

Reasons to Skip Bottled Water

  • Bottled water isn’t tested by any one governing body or safety organization. That’s why buying bottled water is a total waste when you think about it. The majority of companies do not provide consumers with BPA-free water bottle. BPA has been linked to cancer and is so high on the watch list of things to avoid that a large amount of baby products, like bottles and toys are now BPA-free.
  • Bottled water costs more than gas. If you’re having a few bottles of water per day, you’re likely spending more money on those than you do on gas. If your family is putting away an entire case of bottled water each week, it adds up quickly and that money could go to filling the car up. Even if you’re buying bottled water at a discount bulk store, the bill is adding up and you can be sure your family has other sources for purified water with a little planning.
  • Bottled water is only purified water. The majority of water bottles isn’t captured from an idyllic spring in a gorgeous setting. Most of it is simply purified tap water. In fact, the water coming out of a Cleveland, Ohio tap was tested to be higher quality than Fiji drinking water, which is one of the most expensive bottled waters on the market. If you don’t feel gouged buying bottled water, understand that there are many methods for getting the same quality of water you’re buying by the case each week.
  • A gallon of bottled water costs you about $2-$4. Most people drink at least 20 gallons of water a month, so you’re already spending well over $50 a month and that’s just on yourself.

How to Move Away From Bottled Water

  • Buy a purifying filter. This can be attached to your sink faucet, or you can purchase a pitcher that purifies the water. We like the idea of a purifying attachment because you can put it in a large pitcher. Families tend to go through the filtration pitchers rather quickly. The attachment allows you to fill up multiple pitchers or jugs with water at your discretion.
  • Buy everyone in the family a purifying water bottle. There are several on the market and most are BPA-free. While this may seem like a costly investment up front, consider the money you’re saving in the long run. The purifying water bottles will cost about $10-$12 per person, but they are good for around 300-500 uses. That means you’re getting major bang for your buck when it comes to purifying water that’s coming from a safe bottle made sans harmful chemicals.

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