Top Five Local Daily Deals Sites

Living Social

Living Social offers deals on many things, but one of the areas where you can save serious cash is with the Living Social travel deals. Most focus on a resort or hotel, so you’re responsible for transportation arrangements. Luckily, with a deal from Living Social, you’ll have plenty of money to get there. The Living Social daily deals for travel are sometimes as high as 65% off the retail price. There’s also reviews of the property and you can do your own research through other popular review sites. In addition to their travel deals, Living Social offers restaurant and activity deals. Some are national and some are local, which means there’s a little something for everyone.


Bloomspot is one of our favorite local daily deals sites because they touch on many beauty and spa services. Not everyone has the budget for a massage or facial, and Bloomspot has a wide array of local establishments in your city. Bloomspot seems to be best for those in large cities, but they are always adding new cities to their roster. If Bloomspot is offered in your area, it’s definitely one you’ll want to get on the list for.

Groupon Logo

This is the site that, arguably, started the daily deals phenomenon. It took off quickly and has now expanded to over 25 countries around the globe. The awesome thing about Groupon is it’s in many areas and you’re able to customize the types of deals you’re interested in. Are you a guy that will never need a coupon for a nail salon? You can omit yourself from those offers. Does the idea of a vegan restaurant drive you crazy? Yup, you can get off of that list too. If you aren’t already with Groupon, definitely check it out because there are gobs of daily deals going on all of the time at this site.


This site is ideal for those who love dining out and entertainment in their area. If you’re someone that is constantly checking out what’s new and hot in town, FlyCoupon gives you the chance to experience new places at a serious discount. It’s all about entertainment, tickets, drinks and meals at this daily deals site. For large cities with an extensive arts scene, FlyCoupon is a must. This entertainment is a great way to shake up your routine and get inspired and with a voucher, the experience won’t break the bank.


This site is available nationwide. The cool thing about Dealster is it can be gifted to family or friends. Giving a coupon or voucher may seem like a strange idea, but the way Dealster presents it to the gift recipient is more along the lines of a gift card. The recipient knows what the “gift card” is for, such as five hand car washes or a gel manicure, but they aren’t aware of the dollar value, whether it’s money saved or money spent.

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