Save Money By Trading Goods and Services

save money barteringExchanging goods or services to save money was something that was commonly practiced decades ago. If a neighbor needed help with plumbing, he or she may ask for the services of a professional plumber and offer services or goods in return. This might range from dog walking services or working on the plumber’s car, if you have the mechanic skills. This saved a lot of money because you were namely offering your time in return for a service. Obviously this isn’t practiced much now, but there are some areas where you may pitch the idea to someone when you need their service. Always present the information in a professional, sincere manner. Many people will prefer cash (and who can blame them), so prepare for paying in the event the idea is shot down.

What Do You Have to Offer?

Think about what you have to offer someone for a service. Do you have a professional skill that you can pay the person back with? A person who needs CPA services and works as a programmer, may offer to fine tune a CPA’s website and maintain it for a few months while the CPA helps with taxes and billing. Someone who writes SEO and needs legal services, may offer to write web content for a firm and receive a percentage off their fees. Think about what you have to offer and what it’s worth. Be reasonable. Nearly everyone appreciates a clean home. If you can’t think of a service you can offer in return, get down with a rag and cleaning supplies to get the person’s home spotless while he or she fixes your leaky faucet. Always work out the kinks in the beginning. Give a clear idea of what you expect from the person and what you can give them for performing the service.

What Do You Need Done?

Remember that the exchange of good and services can be done on an individual basis. You want to be frugal, but you never want to lose friends over trying to save a buck. Think about what you need done around the house. Things like a leaky faucet, a circuit short, low water pressure, lack of hot water and cleaning can almost all be solved by a plumber, electrician or cleaning service. It’s best if you know individuals involved in these trades. We do not suggest calling a professional service company and asking if you can swap a plumbing job for tutoring services. You want to network among the people you already know and are friends with to make this work. You can also put others in contact with each other. Maybe they will want to trade good and services too! The key is to always make sure the exchange of services add up. It can’t be swapping legal services for a car wash. Keep in mind that things like CPA or legal services are best done by those who are retired. There is a solid chance that those who are still working full-time in the profession are not interested in most exchanges because they could be working with other clients (who are willing to pay cold hard cash).