Shell out More Money Now But Save in the Long-run with these Items

So Many Mattresses!When to spend and when to save? That’s the question for many bargain shoppers. Of course the truly budget-savvy know when something is worth the extra money. This breaks down to cost per use and quality. You want something that’s going to last for the long haul. There are many things we buy for our daily lives that are disposable and don’t need to last years. There are other things that end up costing less in the long run if we spend big in the beginning or choose quality over price.


Mattresses are definitely an area where spending more means getting more. A cheap mattress will cost time and money, because you’re more likely to need a new one within a couple of years. From experience, we can tell you that those cheap mattresses sold at big box stores may be OK for a grad student’s first apartment, but once your budget allows you to invest in a decent mattress, your back and future bank account will thank you. There are many deals to be had on mattresses, so be sure to price compare before taking the plunge. A lot of home shopping channels offer promotions on top name mattresses and often offer payment plans that involve zero interest or signing up for a channel’s credit card. This allows you to make the investment without cutting into your monthly savings or expenses.

Large Appliances

Big items like a refrigerator, stove or washer and dryer are best when you spend the extra money. You can try to cheap out and buy one at a garage sale or Craigslist, but who knows the baggage that appliance will come with. You could very well end up finding yourself searching for the same thing in a few months when this one goes kaput. There are many deals at electronics stores, home good stores and of course, Wal-mart. Remember that the latter will price match any competitor’s price, as long as it’s the same make and model. Buying from a store like Wal-mart allows you to take the appliance back if it gives you any trouble down the road and large stores also usually offer an extended warranty beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. The bottomline is the extra money spent will be paid back in years of a functioning appliance that runs smoothly. If you cough up the money now and don’t buy another washer or dryer for 15 years, that’s definitely money well spent.


This is a must if you travel often, or even at all! If all you take is a family vacation to Disneyworld once a year, you still want a suitcase that will last. Buy the best quality you can afford, but this doesn’t mean a pricey label. You want something that’s durable and lightweight. Cheap luggage comes apart and we all know that bag handlers aren’t the most gentle people on the planet. Shop discount retailers like Marshall’s and Ross for great deals on the trusted names in luggage. You don’t want some frou frou designer piece that’s going to be thrown around. Look for real fabrics like neoprene and plastic, which are easy to keep clean. Remember that a piece of luggage that can fit in the overhead bin is also essential because you don’t want to pay the pricey cost of checking your baggage when you can easily stow it away on top.